Management Team
Junying Yu
Founder/Chief Scientist

Dr. Yu graduated from Peking University with a bachelor's degree and went to the University of Pennsylvania to study for a doctorate and received her Ph.D from University of Pennsylvania, US.

In 2007, as the first author and co-corresponding author of Professor James Thomson's research group, who is known as the "Father of Human Embryonic Stem Cells", Dr. Yu reported in the journal Science that human skin cells were successfully transformed into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) under in vitro culture conditions, and she was one of the international pioneers of iPSC technology.

In 2009, she published a groundbreaking new achievement in the journal Science, which for the first time achieved the preparation of hiPSCs free of exogenous DNA (footprint-free).

She worked at Cellular Dynamics International, founded by Professor James Thomson, and dedicated herself to the transformation of stem cell technology from scientific research to production and the development of related cell products.

In 2016, she returned to China to found Nuwacell Biotechnologies Co., Ltd., serving as the chief scientist, focusing on the R&D and clinical transformation of iPSC-derived cell drugs. She led the team to develop multiple product pipelines, and provide stable and effective off-the-shelf cell therapy products.

Ying Zhang
Co-founder/ Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Zhang graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a bachelor's degree, then went to Cornell University in the United States to pursue a doctoral degree and completed postdoctoral research. He once joined Cellular Dynamics International as a senior scientist in the Advanced R&D Department and has many years of experience in iPSC industrialization transformation at home and abroad.

Dr. Zhang focuses on the development of iPSC-derived cell drugs and has established a "super donor" iPSC bank covering more than 700 million Chinese people; he participated in undertaking the Ministry of Science and Technology's 13th and 14th Five-Year National Key R&D Plans "Standardization Research on Stem Cell Preparations and Applications" and "Quality Control and Evaluation Technology for Stem Cells and Related Products"; and participated in the drafting of the first domestic "Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell" standard, and completed the establishment and quality review of multiple clinical-grade iPSC tertiary banks.

Luyan Jiao
Vice President-New Drug Development

Ph.D., Sun Yat-sen University

Dr. Jiao is mainly responsible for the research and development of new drug pipeline projects, with profound medical expertise and experience in drug development, as well as excellent capabilities in strategic planning, project management and risk control.

Jie Xu
Vice President- Public Relations

Dongbei University of Finance & Economics

Xu is mainly responsible for public relations affairs, with more than 20 years of experience in public affairs management of large management companies. He has rich practical experience in the development and maintenance of government, industry associations, media and public relations, etc.

Qin Zheng
Registered Director

Anhui University of Chinese Medicine

Zheng is mainly responsible for a series of work related to the declaration and registration of new drug pipelines, proficient in domestic and foreign drug management and registration policies, regulations and guiding principles. She has rich experience in project operation, drug information analysis and research, declaration and registration, communication with regulatory authorities, etc.

Yangliu Liu
Toxicology Director

Nanjing University

Liu is mainly responsible for the customization of toxicology strategies and the conduct of toxicology tests for new drug pipelines, with profound knowledge of toxicology and rich experience in drug development.

Jie Ruan
Pharmacology Director

China Pharmaceutical University

Ruan is mainly responsible for the research of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics in new drug pipelines, with rich knowledge of pathology and experience in drug development.

Wandi Wang
Clinical Operations Director

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wang is mainly responsible for the planning, operation and management of clinical trial projects. She has been deeply involved in the cell therapy industry for several years with profound clinical trial experience and efficient communication and coordination skills.

Yanqiu Li
Medical Director

Fudan University

Li is mainly responsible for the company's medical affairs related work. She has more than 14 years of experience in medical and clinical research and drug development in the treatment fields of rare diseases, immunity and tumors. She has held important positions in many multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly, Novartis and Wyeth, where she was responsible for and managed multiple Phase I-II and Phase IV post-marketing studies.

Mei Han
Chief Administrative Officer

University of Science and Technology of China

Han is mainly responsible for human resources and administrative work. She has 10+ years of administrative management experience in listed companies. She is proficient in laws, regulations and best practices in human resources and administrative management, with excellent leadership, management and communication skills.

Juan Sun
Chief Financial Officer

Anhui University of Finance and Economics

Sun is mainly responsible for a series of tasks such as financial management, decision-making and supervision. She has many years of experience in financial management and analysis of listed companies, rich knowledge related to financial strategic management, keen market insight and risk control capabilities.

Tiejun Wang, Ph.D.
Chief Knowledge Officer

Ph.D., TechnicalInstitute of Physics and Chemistry CAS

Dr. Wang is mainly responsible for the formulation, implementation and management of intellectual property strategies. He has many years of experience in the establishment and operation of intellectual property management systems for listed companies. He is proficient in domestic and foreign intellectual property laws and policies, and has extensive intellectual property professional knowledge and skills.

Chengyou Dong
Quality Director

Bengbu Medical College

Dong is mainly responsible for the establishment, implementation and optimization of quality management systems. He has many years of experience in building GMP quality management systems and team management for listed companies, and is proficient in laws and regulations related to quality management.